Broadening the Raw Material Base by CO2 Utilization

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1st Status conference

We are pleased to invite you to the 1st Status conference of the BMBF funding measure CO2Plus. More informations will be available soo. 

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The German Ministry for Education and Research will present porjects on CO2 utilization at ACHEMA 2018! Meet the CCU comunity and learn more about the German R&D projekts on this hot topic in Franfurt on June 11th - 15th.

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Welcome to CO2Net+

The BMBF funding measure "CO2Plus - Broadening the Raw Materail base by CO2 utilization" is supported by the project CO2Net+. The project is responsible to coordinate the funding measure organizationally and scientificly. The main goal of CO2Net+ is to synthesis and disseminate project results as well as to link topic based activities within the programme in order to generate synergies between the funded projects. 



The scientific coordination, a material flow analysis and research on public awareness are combined in the project CO2Net+. Please feel free to contact the actors of each task directly!

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