Scientific coordination CO2Net+

The support of research projects on CO2 utilisation remains in the spotlight of BMBF's technology funding: 17.5 Millionen Euro are provided in the framework of the BMBF funding measure CO2Plus.

CO2 capture, CO2 as building block for chemical products as well as electro- and photocatalytic activation are the pillars of the 13 funded projects with partners from industry and academy. 

The 3½ years project started on July the 1st, 2016 and is coordinated by DECHEMA. Project partners are the University of Kassel and the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) Potsdam.

The main goals of the project are the synthesis, exploitation and dissemination of results by the funded projects. Furthermore, the project promotes the exchange of knowledge between the projects and analysis the potential output and leverage effects that might coused by the results of the funding measure.

The Center for Environmental Systems Research at Kassel University conducts material flow analysis and life cycle assessment of carbon capture and utilization pathways. The investigation includes the analysis of economic drivers and the related regulatory framework. Finally, a roadmap for the promotion of CO2-based technologies will be developed.

The IASS Potsdam elaborates on questions on perceived potentials and risks of CO2 utilization within the society. Also, based on its scientific work, the project team develops a broad range of communication tools and dialogue events for different target groups, be it in science, industry and politics, the general public or even schools. The aim of the institute’s work is to identify perceived as well as measurable factors that can hinder or foster the acceptance of CO2 utilization and show exemplary how a broad societal discourse on innovative technologies can be initiated and led.    

The projects on CO2 utilisation will contribute to broaden the raw material base for the chemical industry and open new pathways for the reduction of CO2 emissions. 

The scientific coordination project CO2Net+ provides effective tools to support the funded projects, and thus, will contribute to ease and accelerate the work flow of the projects.



Projekt coordinator

Dr. Alexis Bazzanella (Koordinator)


Theodor-Heuss-Allee 25

60486 Frankfurt am Main

Tel.: +49(0)69-7564-343