Projects and clusters

The material use of CO2 is already being pursued by a wide range of projects and initiatives around the world. The following list of projects and clusters is intended to provide an overview of the activities on the topic. 

SCOT Project

SCOT was a co-ordination action in the 7th Research Framework Programme of the EU, part of the FP7-REGIONS programme. The consortium consisted of eleven partners. The coordinator of the project was GreenWin from Belgium. The project, which started in October 2013, was completed at the end of September 2016. The aim of SCOT was to support and accelerate the topic of the material use of CO2 and its implementation. Concrete project objectives were the preparation of strategic documents, a vision, a strategic European research agenda and recommendations for a European approach to research funding in the SCOT thematic area.


CO2Chem is a network project from the UK. The network links science, industry and politics to discuss and develop ways of using carbon dioxide for material purposes.



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Climate-KIC: EnCO2re

EnCO2re is an innovation and market development programme for the material use of CO2

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Global CO2 Initiative

The Global CO2 Initiative aims to promote CO2 utilization projects that produce commercial products and contribute to the reduction of CO2-emissions to stop climate change. 

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